"Before introducing myself, I’d like to make a note that Behind the Hustle is by far my personal favorite source of incredible articles about improving my businesses and ventures as well as myself as an entrepreneur. I’ve been visiting every day for about a year or so now and the best piece of knowledge I’ve gotten from the multitude of topics you guys feature on the site is the article on doing work that is meaningful to you (http://behindthehustle.com/2012/05/do-work-that-is-meaningful-to-you/).

And that’s exactly what I focus on in my life—doing work that is meaningful to me. I started my first clothing company when I was 15, not because I wanted to print a few tee’s in my tiny bedroom or to make a million dollars, I did it because I wanted to give a voice to the deepest passions hiding deep inside of everyone—that’s why we label ourselves  “…the lifestyle brand for the hungry”.

I didn’t accept a position as the Creative Director of the only e-commerce retailer of sustainable streetwear because I wanted to sell even more clothing but because living a better life for the world doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort, in fact it means loving it (you have to feel one of these shirts!).

And I don’t accept private consulting jobs because of a façade of a bright life with plenty of women and bubbly, but because there are some things that the world needs to listen to and if what I can do give a voice to the cause then I would do it to my best.

And that’s why I do work that is meaningful to me—because on the contrary there isn’t millions of dollars, plenty of women or bubbly, there is a 20 year old college student at Babson College with a knack for working hard, smart, and effectively who pursues what he believes in and outright rejects what is socially acceptable in the process of chasing the purpose.

That’s why I’m incredibly interested in being a writer for Behind the Hustle, because behind my hustle is giving voice to the meaning. And after that incredibly cheesy last line, I hope to receive consideration in contributing to the amazing voice you guys have created.”

As a kid you feel like every second of life goes slowly, just ticking away at the clock. You wake up and you go through hours and hours in school and you can’t wait for lunch time just to pick away at the cartons of milk and run around a concrete playground.

Then you get older and older and time picks up the pace. You live through each moment almost truly understanding what is going on and what will go on. You begin to craft each second of your time with each and every little importance that springs up last minute. Your time becomes rigid and you lose control as it flies right past you. Voices, moments, happiness, sadness, friends, lovers, the whole world flashing right by you.

That’s why life is always moving so fast. But in those moments when time stops, when nothing matters but what is right in your face. That moment that you feel like there could be no other thing in the world right now. Those moments are worth living fast because they don’t come often, but when they do that’s when you know living itself is worth it.

When I see, I see more than what is in front of me. I see what could be, what should be, and what I want it to be. Seeing it in your mind but not in front of you is the worst feeling ever and the remedy is to create. That is why I do what I do.

And share my thoughts more too. I don’t do that very much especially through social media, but I’ll open up a little more to the vast emptiness of the Interwebz.

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Like and share this photo for a chance to win an item from The Signature Collection on 2/8!

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